Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh, RPI Chat, how you entertain us so!

One thing I must say that has been extremely entertaining and exciting for us to do has been reading the Public Chat in our RPI game.

While there have been solicitations for dates ("A/S/L"),

downright mercenary espionage,
B* H* from BARH, RAHPs, Stackwyck, and Colonie Apartments: Selling red team secrets: Payment negotiable (01:49AM)
random pictures of rocket-propelled chainsaws and sniper crow bars,

and complete trash talk about the military strategies of other teams, none has bothered us much until this comment:
Z* H* from Cary and Crockett Halls: GXC is on the internet. Internet is serious business. Through the transitive property GXC is also serious business. (01:22AM)
We must contest this entirely. While the writer may speak some truth...

We must argue that:

GXC is the the farthest from serious business as you can get. GXC is fun. GXC is a game. GXC is meant to foster pride in your affinity group and healthy competition against others.

You know what is serious business? Kristen Zaik.

Haha - nice one, RPI.