Sunday, March 15, 2009

PickTeams Open BETA

As we announced about two months ago, we've been hard at work on the latest evolution of GXC, codenamed "Crossbow". Well, it has been in private beta for some time now, and we're glad to announce that on Monday 16th March, we'll be opening up PickTeams for testing by everyone.

Unlike previous upgrades, however, PickTeams is much more than simply GXC 3.0.

New Games:

PickTeams is the umbrella website under which we will house current games as well as develop new ones, the first of which is called AlphaBlitz.

AlphaBlitz, simply put, is what happens when you couple the cerebral, addictive excitement of a word game with the competitve pressure of a social gaming environment. Battle against friends (as well as the clock) in an attempt to seduce as many words as possible from a lattice of letters. And AlphaBlitz enables greater control over the game experience by allowing players to create and host games with their own custom teams and game rules.

Social Infrastructure

PickTeams features social media integration that allows you to do cool stuff like log into PickTeams with your Facebook account, as well as brag about your most recent victories and leaderboard standings via Facebook Connect.

Incentive Systems:

Finally, PickTeams distills everything we've learned in the last 2 years about how people compete online. Player profiles, medals, team/player leaderboards and a new team "repping" system all add up to result in what (we hope) will soon become the internet's number one casual social gaming experience.

Thanks for sticking with us so far, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this part of the ride!

See you on Monday at !

The PickTeams Team.