Friday, November 16, 2007

An Update

So, it's been almost two weeks now since we started putting games on pause. I think you're due an update.

First, it's probably a bad idea to unpause anything before Thanksgiving break is over. People want to think about getting the hell away from college. They want to think about sleeping twelve hours per day, eating turkey with the family and spending their Christmas shopping cash.

They don't want to receive a half dozen commander contact emails and worry about whether they placed their troops on the side of the library.

Plus, this just gives us more time to make the lag not suck. Every day we go before we unpause, we can spend our time optimizing, testing and fixing instead of figuring out why turn processing suddenly removed all commanders from their posts and replaced them with MIT students.

Also, a heads up: when the games restart, we are launching the first inaugural GoCrossVideoContest! It's open to all schools, but check out the RPI game page for more details:

GoCrossVideoContest details on RPI Game Page - Click "Learn More!"