Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kool KDice

I know what you’re thinking. “GoCrossCampus is so awesome and addictive, why would I ever need to play any other Risk-like game on the Internet?!”

Well, just in case you have a few extra minutes in between placing your armies and strategizing with your teammates, try out
KDice or Dice Wars, two simple games inspired by Risk.

The primary goal of the game is similar to GXC, in that the objective is to conquer every territory on the map. KDice and Dice Wars, however, both use dice in ‘battles,’ while of course we incorporate actual armies.

So, if you have some extra time on your hands, check out their games and keep on conquering!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The different aspects of social gaming

We like to pitch GXC as a team-based “social game,” but just what in the world does that mean?

On the Internet, there are bushels of gaming sites, all with their own unique approach towards “social gaming.” Kongregate has chat rooms and leaderboard features embedded into each game that empower community-building and interaction between users. Along with forums and specialized badges for accounts, Kongregate does well in combining the world of games with social networking.

Social Gaming Network also builds on the concept of “social gaming” with challenges and contest features on their games like Jet Man which do well on social networks like Facebook. Combined with the “I gotta beat my friend” mentality, all their games are simple yet addictive. GXC also plans on expanding to Facebook with the introduction of a Facebook app, so look forward to that soon!

Seeing these creations on the Internet, GoCrossCampus brings another level to social gaming by placing the emphasis on both teamwork and rivalries between players. Players chat and strategize with other players, thus the social aspect gets incorporated directly into the game. Recruitment and encouragement to get involved happens both online and offline. Commanders even lead their fellow players to victory. It’s impossible to win just by playing on your own, and we always like to foster more social interaction between all our players, friend and foe alike.

With Longbow fast approaching, we hope to improve the social aspects of our game even more with new chat rooms, improved gameplay, and many enhanced features coming the down the pipeline…