Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Lightning GXC: Sports in New England, Money in Manhattan!

Recap: Congratulations to Team Puma for dominating in yesterday's Sneaker throwdown! It was all made possible thanks to the awesome leadership of the following commanders:
  • Cdr. Yinan von Wang '05
  • Cdr. Emma Elfeirr

Today's Lightning Games are:

1. Sports in New England!


1. Baseball
2. Soccer
3. Basketball
4. Football
5. Rugby
6. Hockey

Map: New England

Time: 2pm EST


2. Money in Manhattan!


1. Cash
2. Cool Billions
3. Dough
4. Bling-Bling
5. Moolah

Map: Manhattan

Time: 7pm EST

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Lightning GXC: Sneakers in the USA!

Recap: Congratulations to Team Donkey Kong for coming out on top in yesterday's Mario battle! It was all made possible thanks to the awesome leadership of the following commanders:
  • Cdr. Noam Kagedan '10
  • Cdr. Yinan von Wang '05

Today's Lightning Game is Sneakers in the USA!


1. Adidas
2. Nike
3. Puma
4. New Balance
5. Reebok

Map: USA

Time: 7pm EST

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Indian Dinosaur

You thought I was done arguing this, didn't you?

The All-India Bollywood Championship map on Turn 17 is NOT an ice-cream cone, it is a dinosaur. I win. That is all.

2008 Ivy League Championship: Congratulations and Thank You

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ivy League,

A hearty congratulations to all of you for participating in the 2008 Ivy League Championship, a heartier congratulations to the Penn commanders and players for their hard-fought victory, and the heartiest congratulations of all to Greg Marvin, Penn '11, for winning the GoCrossRidiculousGiveaway -- a plasma TV, surround sound stereo system, and Nintedo Wii! Hurrah!

It has indeed been a pleasure watching the ILC take root as an institution, and an organic one at that. Such a tournament would not been possible without the camaraderie, wit, humor, strategy, diplomacy, pride, loyalty and competitive spirit that you all have shown.

We thank you all for a wonderful game, and as always, we'll look forward to an even bigger and better Ivy League Championship next Fall. Start planning now: the competition will undoubtedly be more intense, the grand strategy more intricate, and the rewards even greater.

And yes, we'll be rocking yet another epic movie trailer and music video for next year's ILC. Would you have expected any less? ;-)


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lightning GXC: Mario Villians in a Haunted House!

Today's Lightning Game is Mario Villains in a Haunted House!

This house isn't big enough for five Mario villains. Someone has to go!

1. King Boo
2. Donkey Kong
3. Bowser
4. Wario
5. Waluigi

Map: Haunted House

Time: 10pm EST

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Cartman approves

Blast from the past :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ANNOUNCING: Daily Lightning Games!

This might come as a surprise to some of you but GXC wants to take over your life.


Like, for reOMG THERE'S ONE BEHIND YOU!!!!#!@!!$#!

This is why we're pleased to announce that from today, you can get your GXC fix in a convenient, triple bang-for-your-buck infusion: daily lightning games. That's right. A splash of chaos, a helping of tactical dominance and a liberal sprinkling of drama, subterfuge and unadulterated pwnage Every. Single. Day.

The tentative schedule for games is as follows, which you can also subscribe to via iCal, Google Calender or XML:



FRIDAY : 7pm

SATURDAY : 2pm & 7pm

SUNDAY : 2pm & 10pm

We've tried to offer games at a mix of times, so you can play after work, after class, before going out or on the weekend, while retaining the spirit of lightning games - a rapid-fire, all-in-one-sitting, tw0-hour GXC experience for you to get in your daily fix of team-based conquest whenever you want it.

Finally, we need your help to keep firing out fresh games! Send ideas for game themes, teams or maps to and if we launch a game based on your suggestion, we'll credit you with it.

First game is "South Park in Europe!", today at 9pm. See you on the battlefield!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick GXC Update - New Features

Hi, it's Gerardo here.

Just wanted to write a brief note to inform you of some recent changes that we've made to the GoCrossCampus Arena and Lightning Games:

1. Poll Initiation - You can now find out who initiated a poll.  We think this is primarily helpful for players to hold commanders accountable.

2. Poll Limits: 5 nominations per user per turn in spy polls, commander polls, and impeachment polls - Our thinking is that the less we have to intervene with the social dynamics of the game the more realistic they can be.  That is, the more open-ended the system the more flexibility a team has in choosing its own organizational structure and practices.

In this particular case though, we feel the change is warranted in order to limit the potential for annoying abuse which gets in the way of your enjoyment of GXC.

3. Commander emails limits: 3 per user per turn per game - Same thinking as above!

Let us know what you think!