Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tec de Monterrey Tournament - First Impressions

Saludos y bienvenidos a esta serie de posts donde estaremos comentando el progreso del segundo Torneo GoCrossCampus del Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey.
Como bien sabemos, los 7 equipos, conformados por distintas carreras y áreas académicas, comenzaron con la misma área de oportunidad para conquistar el campus del Tec pues todos iniciaron con 15 territorios esparcidos aleatoriamente por el mapa. Sin embargo, el Equipo Rojo ha tomado una seria ventaja sobre sus competidores.
Desde el primer día, el Equipo Gris fue el que más jugadores reclutó, aunque fue seguido de cerca por los equipos Amarillo y Rojo. Se notó también un serio incremento en la cantidad de Verdes que fueron registrados en el tercer día pero al parecer ya bajaron la velocidad.
En general, el juego va muy bien pues ya se rebasó la cantidad de 1000 jugadores y dado que aún quedan 10 semanas, esperamos llegar a la meta de 5000.
El cuarto día fue el primer turno donde se pudo dar órdenes de ataque y no cabe duda que el equipo que arrasó en su conquista de territorios fue el de color Gris pues en sólo un día capturó 10 locaciones más para agregar a su lista llevando su número a 25 territorios ese día. Pero eso les duró poco pues desde la batalla del día de la independencia, el Equipo Rojo le ha volteado la mesa al juego con un récord impresionante de victorias y se perfila en estos momentos como el grupo líder más cercano a la victoria con 41 territorios!
Con este buen inicio de torneo, podemos ver cómo se vislumbra el resto del semestre y esperamos increíbles encuentros como los que tuvimos en el torneo de abril (cómo olvidar la batalla por el jubileo?).
Ánimo a todos los equipos y sobre todo a aquellos que tienen un número de territorios con un sólo dígito (al contar con sólo 3 territorios o menos, recuerden la posibilidad del Force Shield). Recuerden que GXC es un juego social y hay que seguir reclutando más gente!

Hi and welcome to this series of posts where we will be commenting on the second Tec de Monterrey GoCrossCampus Tournament.
As we know, 7 teams, made up of distinct majors and academic areas, started with the same odds of conquering the campus since each had 15 territories randomly spread across the map at the start of the game. Still, Red Team has quite an edge now over its competitors.
From day 1, Gray Team has been the group with the most players recruited, followed closely by teams Red and Yellow. There was also a slight increase on Green Team on the third day but that seems to have slowed down.
Overall, the game’s going great and now has over 1000 players playing and insulting each other and we hope to get to the goal (5000) in the following 10 weeks of GXC.
On the fourth day players could finally attack and there was little doubt that Gray Team mopped the floor with 10 new locations bringing its list of territories to 25 that day. Yet, this didn’t last for long for, since the battle of independence on September 16, Red Team has turned the tide with an impressive record of victories over the Purple and Yellow teams. It now holds the lead with 41 territories!
We can attest to how the rest of the game is going to be like and hope to get more climatic battles as we saw on the first tournament back in April (the battle at Jubileo will never be forgotten).
Good luck to all teams and for those who are suffering from single-digit-number-of-territories syndrome, remember the possibility of Force Shields when down to 3 or less locations. Remember, GXC is a social game and we got to keep recruiting!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


All I have to say is that there is some ridiculous giving-away for the 2008 Ivy League Championship this year.

And by that I mean that we are hosting the first ever GoCrossRidiculousGiveaway, a totally bodacious prize package for one random active player on the winning team in the 2008 Ivy League Championship. One lucky student will get their dorm room totally decked out with a plasma HDTV, surround sound stereo system, Nintedo Wii, and more. All delivered straight to your door! No way! Yes way! Giveaway!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Presenting the 2008 Ivy League Championship...

Oh snap! The 2008 Ivy League Championship kicks off on September 16th! That's... tomorrow! Are you even prepared for that kind of awesomeness???

Join in the fun here: 'Twill be awesome. (Ooooh, anyone want to lifecast the whole thing?)

In any case, here's the press release we released to campus newspapers, if you'd like to read it:

NEW HAVEN, CT – What is slated to be the single largest competitive event in the history of the Ivy League, GoCrossCampus and the Ivy Council have joined forces to launch the 2008 Ivy League Championship, presented by TicketNetwork. An epic two-month online battle for territorial supremacy, the Championship is open to everyone in the Ivy League. Participants can show off their spirit and dominate their rival schools when the game kicks off on September 16 at

“Take a world domination game, multiply it by over 50,000 players, inject plenty of social interactivity, and set the whole thing on a map of New England,” explains Matthew O. Brimer (Yale ’09), co-founder of GoCrossCampus. “You control who you attack and where you defend, working together en masse with the rest of your team for total Ivy League domination. The object of the tournament is to conquer the entire map and oust all your rival Ivies.”

Combining elements of social networking, online gaming, and inter-collegiate sports rivalry, GoCrossCampus fosters competitive social interaction combined with high user engagement, online as well as offline. Brimer elaborates, “Whether it’s the nightly team strategy meetings, the networks of spies on other campuses, or the massive recruitment pushes in dorms and dining halls, GXC is just as iconic in the real world as it is online.”

“You can talk strategy via a built-in
chat interface, get real-time stats on how the game is progressing and even get elected commander of your school,” describes Sean Mehra (Yale ’08), another GoCrossCampus co-founder. Brimer adds, “Plus, we have all kinds of cool new features this year: a completely revamped user interface, commander dossiers, player and team superlatives, special territories, and real-time movements! And as always, GXC is completely free for all involved.”

“Last year’s Ivy League Championship garnered nearly 11,000 players from all eight Ivies — both students and alumni alike,” says Nick Selz (Yale ’11), Director of the Ivy League Championship. “This year, we plan on smashing that record.” During the game, each day comprises a single turn, with rapid-fire consequences. The tournament is set to end no later than November 16.

Bing Chen (Princeton ’09), President of the Ivy Council, is similarly enthusiastic. “In its year of rebuilding and expansion, Ivy Council seeks to initiate, support, and collaborate with intercollegiate programs like GoCrossCampus. We hope to foster creative outlets for Ivy League students. This is one step towards the propagation of innovative, intercollegiate programs created by and for Ivy League students. The Ivy Council is thrilled to partner with GoCrossCampus for the Ivy League Championship and looks forward to further partnerships in the future.”

To that end, several prominent campus government organizations throughout the Ivies have come onboard in support of the Ivy League Championship. “We’re creating a full-blown online sport for the entire campus to get involved with,” says Selz. “We’ve been extremely pleased with the willingness of top campus organizations to sanction it as such. Plus, it’ll be great fun.”

In addition, GoCrossCampus is hosting the GoCrossRidiculousGiveaway, a prize package for one randomly selected active player on the winning team in the Ivy League Championship. Brimer explains, “This is serious business. One lucky Ivy League student will get their dorm room totally decked out with some major hardware: a plasma HDTV, surround sound stereo system, Nintendo Wii, and more. Talk about free awesome!”

The 2008 Ivy League Championship even has an official presenting sponsorship from TicketNetwork, the largest exchange of sought-after tickets to sold-out concert, sporting, and theater events from ticket brokers all across the country.

Ultimately, GoCrossCampus seeks to create collegiate competitions that absolutely everyone on campus can play. “Unfortunately, varsity and even intramural sports can often be exclusive,” says Mehra. “We’re trying to open up the world of college competitions through tournaments based on highly social gameplay, fueled by team spirit and competitive rivalries.”

"Last year's game was a blast,” proclaims Gerardo Giacoman (Yale '09), commander of the Yale team in last year's Ivy League Championship. "Thousands of Yalies rallied to the cause, and it was awesome coordinating with undergrads, grad students, and even alums in strategizing and recruiting for the team. Though we didn't win last year, this time I'm sure we'll put up a good fight... and crush Harvard once again." After a brief pause, Gerardo adds, "Any teams looking for an alliance?"