Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Have you ever had the nagging suspicion that you could do a better job at the whole "world domination" thing? Granted, Hannibal and Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were military geniuses, but you can't seem to shake the feeling that if you were in their sandals you would, you know . . . FAIL a little less . . .

Announcing World Domination Sunday!

GXC's first World Map comes to you as a lightning game this and every Sunday, at 9pm EST! In many ways this is the ultimate GXC challenge; the promise of global conquest under the grueling stresses of lightning game rules every single week with 60 territories up for grabs by 5 teams with random player placement. Throw in the 16 ocean hopping territory connections and you wonder whether this thing shouldn't come with an ESRB age restriction and health warning . . .

First game Sunday 11th January. Join here. Bring a priest. Someone could get hurt.

Journey to the Center of GXC aka Cracked (A Love Story of Romance & Adventure, Maybe)

Emma Elfeirr hit on a novel way for you guys to chart your adventures through GXC - via neverending fanfiction. The first installment is below, but anyone can contribute to subsequent episodes. Updates will come as fast as there are submissions (send submissions to emmanuel@gocrosscampus.com), and the winning installments will be chosen by a panel of esteemed Nobel laureates and Pulitzer prize winners (namely, Alexander the Hyena and I). Alex and I have created this handy checklist to help give you an idea of what a successful submission will look like:

Are you a hyena?



EPISODE ONE (by Emma Elfeirr)

If you're reading this, it means I've found my way into the blog. You see, a few turns ago, while I was sitting at my laptop, minding my own business and just energizing in my games, everything started shaking suddenly. My computer screen started getting brighter and brighter, and everything around me started spinning. I panicked and tried to get away, but my hands wouldn't get off of my keyboard. What's worse, is that they started getting pulled straight toward the screen! I used every bit of strength I had (although, mind you, I was losing it fast as I became dizzier and dizzier) to try to pull my hands away, but it was a losing battle for me.

The moment my fingers touched the screen, I was amazed at how cool it felt. I had been expecting burning heat, not the strange cool, plasma-like feel it seemed to have to it. The feel of the screen caught me so off guard, I stopped fighting back for a second. In that short second, my feet were ripped from the ground as my entire body went straight into my computer screen. Everything was bright light. I was too dizzy to stand any more, so before getting a chance for my eyes to adjust and see where I was, I just passed out.

When I woke up, I kept my eyes shut tight. I must have been dreaming. It was all just some crazy dream induced by my new sleep meds. My doctor had warned me that could be a side effect. I didn't want to open my eyes and find out it was real. But how could it be real? I told myself. There was no way that could have been real. Of course it was a dream! Convinced of such, I opened my eyes.

"Where's the colon!?" was the first thing I said. Instead of being worried about something important like, say, the fact that I was currently standing on the Star Wars GXC game, my first thought, of course, was about punctuation. "Star Wars A New Game" just didn't look right. It needs the colon! I walked down to Game Chat and saw I wasn't the only one upset about the lack of colon in the game.

The distraction didn't last long though. Pretty soon, I was much more concerned about how in the world I was standing on the Star Wars game. Maybe I was still dreaming. I knew I wasn't though. It felt way too real to be a dream. Somehow, I don't know how, I got sucked straight into GXC. It had been days too, as 3 turns had passed since that fateful turn when I got sucked in through my computer. Clueless as to how I got in, I still can't figure out how to get out. So, with this post, I ask you for help. I'm going to post all of what happens here inside GXC, and perhaps you can find a way to get me out. Perhaps there are clues hidden within the days I've spent inside here. Only you can help me get out of here alive!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lightning GXC: Weekly Roundup!

Congratulations to the following teams and their commanders for dominating the maps!


The Thundercats in the 80s cartoons in Europe! game

Cdr. Andy Webb '10
Cdr. Emma Elfeirr '13
Cdr. Andrew Montoya '12
Cdr. Cid Campeador '08
Cdr. phillip morrin '08
Cdr. Sean Murphy '12


No matches on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY



Angels We Have Heard on High in the Christmas Carols on Mars! game

Cdr. Anna Fung '11



Barricade in the Decepticons in the Midwest! game

Cdr. Chad Kimes '08



The Tuba in the Brass Instruments in the Eastern America! game

Cdr. Chad Kimes '08

Wrath in the Seven Deadly Sins in Washington DC! game

Cdr. Leif Jahn '12



Matthew in the Apostles on the Internet! game

Cdr. Jeff Witman '08

* The Interwebs! in the Old Testament in Disney World! game

* game stall, so no winner (Leviticus with most territories by game "end").


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