Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GoCrossVideo Contest Results!

After much debate, wrangling, horse-trading and greased pig wrestling, the GoCrossCampus team is proud to announce the winner of the GoCrossVideoContest. Michael Rog from Rice University did by far the most exceptional job of projecting megalomania onto the screen:

(it helps to know that his team, Will Rice, is yellow)

Choosing the best video wasn’t simple. Ultimately, we wanted to pick an engaging video that could get a new player excited to play GoCrossCampus. Since it wasn’t an easy decision, we decided to pick some submissions to highlight as Honorable Mentions below:

The “Game Pride” Award goes to Matthew at Virginia Tech (via Cornell). Simple, subtle and well-done.

The “A Commander’s Life” Award goes to Ian at RPI. Sadly, I think this happened to a couple of my friends at Yale. They will be sorely missed.

The “Would Watch Over and Over Again” Award goes to Kurt at Yale. Hilarious, and even got some coverage in the blogoworld.

The “Most Intense” Award goes to Andrew at RPI. His video, clocking it at 11 minutes (unfortunately, only 10 of which can be uploaded to YouTube), gives an in-depth look at team dynamics that the ILC commanders will surely appreciate.

All entrants will receive GoCrossCampus t-shirts. Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural GoCrossVideoContest!