Monday, April 7, 2008

The Power Vacuum

A Swiss-style direct democracy? An exclusive military junta? An idi dictator? A bolivarian revolution?

How your GXC team is run is entirely up to you (and your teammates... maybe)!

Recently, you may have noticed that it's become easier to elect commanders. Whenever there is a power vacuum, any player on that team can open a commander poll with a single vote. While this ensures all teams have access to the special features exclusive to a commander, it can also be a double-edged sword: teams who aren't careful may end up electing an enemy or ill-intentioned player! Or even worse - elect too many commanders and drown themselves in a bureaucratic sea.

Additionally, the role of commander is becoming increasingly coveted, as you never know when a sponsor will decide to throw in a prize or two. Yale freshmen Jacob Levine and Josh Geller recently led the valiant Timothy Dwight Lions to victory, and got a $250 certificate in the process. Yum!

While most of our resources are still going towards developing the next quantum leap in GXCology, we're still implementing some minor changes to the current platform. Thanks for all the input so far. Check out our new forums, and keep fighting the good fight!