Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wow! A Blog Post!

We are now back from a bit of blog-posting hiatus. :D

Longbow is now considerably further along, and thanks to all the beta testers who signed up. With any luck, you will be getting an email in the next month or so.

In other news, we've returned from the land of odd social experiments (see GoCrossStatus) and lauched our next open game, GoCrossZodiac. I think that this will be an excellent open game, and it was urged many times by our users. Not only do many people have an affinity to their birth month, but the teams are (theoretically) balanced. This was a problem with GXStatus, as we discovered that a decent plurality of our users were in some sort of relationship.

If GXZodiac goes on for as long as I think it could, our next open game might very well be launched in Longbow. No promises, though. It's not like we want to go down for a month or anything crazy like that.

We also have an awesome crew of summer interns on board, some of whom you'll hopefully get to know through this blog over the summer. Regardless, it's gonna make our New Haven office at 282 York packed! And I think the building maintenace just turned the heat off a few days ago -- evidently we were still having "some chilly nights."