Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GXC Wiki

Hey guys,

Garrett, Xerxes and I have been playing with a GXC wiki for a couple of days now. It's basically (or will be :D) a repository/playhouse of all things GXC; stories of legendary games (*cough*GXCTheOffice*cough*), player profiles, a collection of the sayings of Alexander the Hyena etc.

For later reference, the site is http://www.donnael.com/GXCWiki

Definitely come check it out, and it would be wonderful if people contributed even just a couple of words to the effort. Sorry about the walls, though - the paint is not quite dry :)

- Emmanuel.

Mad respect to Garrett for creating the wiki and hosting it on his site :).

Update: you can edit the wiki after a quick sign up with the site: click the "log in/create account" link in the top right corner.

Lightning GXC: Weekly Roundup!

Congratulations to the following teams and their commanders for dominating the maps!


in the Rhyming Chips in the Midwest! game

Cdr. An-Shih Lee '09



in the Noble Gases in the Cafeteria! game

Cdr. Tim Trickel '10
Cdr. Lauren Altschuh '07



Lamborghini in the Italian Cars in Europe! game

Cdr. Zachary Humerick '10



Bumblebee in the Autobots in India! game

Cdr. Jous Javier
Cdr. Tim Ehrlich '11
Cdr. Katie Tooma '07



Justice in the Shakespeare's Ages of Man! game

Cdr. Stef Cheung '08



In Which Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded By Water in the Actual Chapter Names in "Winnie-the-Pooh" by A. A. Milne game

Cdr. Chad Kimes '08
Cdr. John Pole '11

Toyota in the Japanese Cars in Springfield! game

Cdr. Angel Hudgins '11
Cdr. James Tabush '10



Daisy in the The Great Gatsby on the Internet! game

Cdr. Malcolm Young
Cdr. Erin Ingalls '10

Cdr. Kim Feeney '09
Cdr. Matthew Chauncey '12
Cdr. Mike Campbell '09
Cdr. Chris Bauer '12
Cdr. Brian Wright '10
Cdr. Chris Thomas
Cdr. Leah Hostler '09



Congratulations to the Red team for winning the first WORLD DOMINATION SUNDAY game!

They accomplished this feat under the worthy leadership of:

Cdr. Kevin Modrak '13
Cdr. Peter W. '10

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