Sunday, August 10, 2008

GoCrossOffice, NERF-style

As you may know, GoCrossCampus has a older sibling. She's a suave corporate type in a snazzy suit, with a glint of mischief, fun, and love of competition in her eye. She knows how to combine work and play, and she's the 21st-century answer to the outmoded and ├╝ber-expensive corporate retreat or weekend training conference. Her name is GoCrossOffice, and she's the sister platform of GXC. The enterprise-level GoCrossOffice is similar in style to GoCrossCampus, but built as a white-label service for corporations as a custom-tailored teambuilding and leadership training package for employees. Thus far, Google, Vivendi, Digitas and Slingshot have all enjoyed critically successful GoCrossOffice games. (If you're interested in bringing GXO to your company, just let us know.)

So then, let's put seriousness aside for the moment and imagine taking this one step further. Take GoCrossOffice entirely off the computer, and set the whole thing in real-life. With NERF technology to boot. Employees battling it out in an epic intra-office competition. What would it look like? Well, it just so happens that there's a video online at Vimeo of this exact scenario entitled "The Great Office War". It's completely awesome, and sums up the spirit of GoCrossCampus nicely... in a humorous exaggeration, of course.

Check it out below: