Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lightning GXC: Animaniacs on Mars!

Recap: Congratulations to Team Blue Barracuda for coming out on top in yesterday's Legends of the Hidden Temple battle! The Barracudas were led to victory by:

  • Cdr. Sara West '08
  • Cdr. Emma Elfeirr '13
  • Cdr. Dan Miller '09

Today's Lightning Game is Animaniacs on Mars!


1. Brain
2. Pinky
3. Wakko
4. Yakko
5. Dot

Map: Mars

Time: 10pm EST

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Anonymous said...

Which Emma Elfeirr

Anonymous said...


I think the real Elf was on the Silver Snakes team, and the fake one ("2.0") was on the Blue Barracudas team. Which begs the question...who IS the fake one?

Also, don't forget about Orange Iguanas' impressive survivability--with only 3/4 as many players as the other teams, we managed to not only stay alive but also snatch 3rd place!

Thræn said...

Quint, you should write about the Orange Iguanas' impressive survivability and send it in to Emmanuel.

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