Monday, December 15, 2008

Lightning GXC: Superhero Teams on the Internet!

Recap: Congratulations to Plankton for dominating in yesterday's Ocean Animals in Space game, and to Classical music in the Music game! Bragging rights earned by:

Ocean Animals:
  • Cdr. Adam Lewis '12

Classical (someone please explain this one to me. . . :)

  • Cdr. Ateria Hindel
  • Cdr. Chris Donnelly '08
  • Cdr. John Laird '10
  • Cdr. Ho Lee '12
  • Cdr. Megan Strong '09
  • Cdr. Jay Jackson '09
  • Cdr. Adriana Fitzgerald '12
  • Cdr. Gideon Klionsky '11
  • Cdr. Stephen Kendrex '10
  • Cdr. Luke Peden '12
  • Cdr. Mark Nagy
  • Cdr. Ben Alsop '10
  • Cdr. Smiles Morales
  • Cdr. Julio Oyola '09
  • Cdr. Elizabeth Dawson
  • Cdr. Leo Sutkin '06
  • Cdr. James Johnston '07
  • Cdr. Matt Mitgang '12
  • Cdr. Aaron Kirk '10
  • Cdr. Angela Albanese '11
  • Cdr. LUke Oldfield '11
  • Cdr. Michael Eastwood '12
  • Cdr. Potter Fan
  • Cdr. Leah Hostler '09
  • Cdr. Chris Barnum '12
  • Cdr. Becky Strubberg '11
  • Cdr. Kenneth Barry '08
  • Cdr. Brian Wacker '12
  • Cdr. Eliza Beban
  • Cdr. Jay Rock
  • Cdr. Daniel Barratt '10
  • Cdr. Gregory Meyer '12
  • Cdr. J C '10
  • Cdr. Emma Elfeirr '13
  • Cdr. James Tabush '10
  • Cdr. Chase Bonnette '11
  • Cdr. Keri Sanborn '11
  • Cdr. Katy Svatek '09
  • Cdr. Chen Huang '12
  • Cdr. Jerica Fox
  • Cdr. Seth Reptar '10
  • Cdr. phillip morrin '08.

Today's lightning game is Superhero Teams on the Internet!


1. Fantastic Four
2. Green Lantern Corps.
3. Justice League
4. X-Men
5. Avengers
6. Teen Titans

: xkcd map of internet communities

Time: 9pm EST

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Anonymous said...

They decided to vote everyone in just for fun.

Anonymous said...

I heard they voted everyone in simply to see how mob mentality would work....

Apparently pretty well?

Gideon said...

It was a great success by the Classical Cdr. team. But it's not clear to me that all lightning games don't work that way. There's a fair amount of roguery involved in any case. Still, it was very funny to be elected Cdr with 40 other people.

Thræn said...

I'm working on writing the blog post about it right now. =P

Anonymous said...

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